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Dating 1 thessalonians

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These are all intriguing problems in and of themselves, and by talking about them I can illustrate a bit further the kinds of quandaries textual critics find themselves in when trying to decide what an author wrote when we have different versions of his words in different manuscripts.

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The majority of the inhabitants were Greeks, but there was also a mixture of other ethnic groups, including Jews (according to Acts 17:1-10). Several scholars (especially those of the nineteenth century such as Lightfoot) argued that this is proof that the synagogue was thriving and kept on thriving Paul’s ministry there.

The context of the passage, ~vss.14-16, concerns the suffering of the churches, including the Thessalonians, and particularly the Jewish persecutors/persecution of Christ's people.

The end of vs.16, translation-dependent, reads: This feel of 'termination' language is unusual in Pauline texts, despite his many complaints about the conduct of his fellow Jews.

The following arguments have been based on the content: (1) the contradiction between Romans 9-11 and 1 Thess. (2) The references to what has happened to Jews as a model for a Gentile Christian church.

(3) There were no extensive persecutions of Christians by Jews in Palestine prior to the first Jewish war.