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Here’s what you need to know about malware and Apple’s approach to mobile security.Malware is a portmanteau of ‘malicious’ and ‘software’, and it refers to any software that forcibly gains access to, gathers data from or disrupts the otherwise normal operation of a device – often with damaging consequences.Snow sitting on the grass for weeks on end has led to a problem with 'snow mould' – a group of fungal diseases that turn the grass brown in patches after a prolonged cold, wet spell. It isn't easy to keep the nation's back garden looking good at the best of times, thanks to the inevitable, constant trampling by cameramen and crew.In a normal garden, the rule is 'Keep off the Grass' when it's wet, otherwise the lawn quickly gets worn and turns into a patchwork of mud and bruised leaves.And since I love to share everything I learn here on Guiding Tech, I thought I’ll share these cool q&a sites with you too.Here are ten great sites that will make for great sources to answer your burning questions: Quora is a site where people post answers to your questions.Learn what makes names premium the perfect domain name for your business.Domain Name Sales makes finding that name effortless - and keeps the process transparent.

You can also choose to search for answers to specific questions right in the search bar on every page. Mind the book is a site that aggregates information about books.

These varieties of malicious software have been long associated with desktop operating systems.

But, for the most part, i OS has somehow escaped the worst of it. Well, some very clever design choices on the part of Apple.

Apple has historically marketed its desktop products as being impervious to the rampant malware that plagued Microsoft systems in the early 2000s, but the i Phone’s swelling popularity has made it a prime target.

According to reports, malware affecting “thousands” of i Phones can steal App Store credentials – but the majority of i OS users remain perfectly safe.