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We blog about dating, relationship, love romance and other lifestyle issues that people over the age of 40 may find informative.I like the atmosphere, and in a way I like the climb.Despite racing the hill 4 times, I’ve never been able to match my time from 2010 when I set a course record of 12.26.This makes the code much more reusable as well as testable.The only exemption to this is if you are getting someone else’s code as well as are continuing keeping that, you must carry on with their naming convention. In practise, it turned into a bit of a damp squib (and that wasn’t just the weather) On Monday, I did nothing more than an hour gentle recovery ride, but the next day I had a muscle problem in the shin […] To celebrate the 196th anniversary of The Running Machine (invented 1817) German designers have gone back to basics and invented the same thing again ‘hoping to design a more environmentally friendly type of transport’. Photo by Gun Powder Ma wikipedia A prototype of the bicycle were various running machines or […] I reviewed the Obree Way last year, but it cost £30 (which was a bit pricey even for a good book.) But I see it’s available in paperback for £11.99 now.