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Welcome to THREAD 7 of The Beauty Pageant Threadseries. Archives The Beauty Pageants Thread - I The Beauty Pageants Thread - II The Beauty Pageants Thread - III The Beauty Pageants Thread - IV The Beauty Pageants Thread - V The Beauty Pageants Thread - VI April 27, Friday Miss Lebanon 2007 April 28, Saturday Miss Guam Tourism 2007 Miss Slovensko 2007 April 30, Monday Germany's Miss Universe Miss Guatemala Universo 2007 May 3, Thursday Star Hellas 2007 May 10, Thursday Miss Universe China 2007 May 11, Friday Miss Tahiti Nui 2007 Miss Turkey 2007 May 12, Saturday Miss Lithuania 2007 May 21, Monday Miss Great Britain 2007 May 22, Tuesday Miss International Panama 2007 May 25, Friday Ungfru Island 2007 May 27, Sunday Miss Peru Mundo 2007 May 28, Monday MISS UNIVERSE 2007 June 9, Saturday Miss Gibraltar 2007 Miss Mondo Italia 2007 Miss Namibia 2007 June 25, Monday Miss Northern Ireland 2007 June 30, Saturday Miss England 2007 Miss Ireland World 2007 July 1, Sunday Miss Texas USA 2008 July 6, Friday Miss Cote D'Ivoire 2007 July 7, Saturday Miss Wales 2007 July 13, Friday Miss Universe Aruba 2007 July 14, Saturday Miss Florida USA 2008 July 20, Friday Miss Uganda 2007 July 22, Sunday Miss World Bahamas 2007 July 26, Thursday Miss Bolivia 2007 July 28, Saturday Miss Belize 2007 July 31, Tuesday Pancyprian Beauty Pageant 2007 August 18, Saturday Miss Jamaica World 2007 August 25, Saturday Miss Togo 2007 October 13, Saturday Miss Marianas Universe 2007 October 15, Monday Miss Earth 2007 Miss World 2007* * not 100% confirmed NEWS Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza has released his sketches of Seorita Colombia 2006 Eileen Roca Torralvo's wardrobe for Miss Universe 2007.

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